Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Effin Hate

Anything Bloggy at the moment.

I'm so selfish.

I wanted to win that damn contest so bad.

Tired Girl.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alas, my dear Blog, I'm home!

I don't know why I choose to ignore you quite so often. I'm sorry for shunning you like a redheaded stepchild. I was (err am) convinced you possibly bring me bad luck. Which is why I'll change up my format.

Instead of blogging about my boring as shit life, how about how I'm attempting to change it?


Starting reading health blogs!

Because of those blogs I have accomplished the following:

-Lost 10 lbs.
-Found motivation to visit the gym at least three days a week.
-I started seeing a personal Pilates instructor in June!
-Am now eating amazingly satisfying food, but they're all incredibly healthy!
-My skin has cleared up because of my improved diet.
-Last but not least, I'm happier!

I know what I want out of life. I've got the tools and motivation to get it too. Currently I have a goal to lose another 10 lbs. If it doesn't happen by October, oh well. As long as I maintain my current loss and keep attempting to get off this plateau, I'm good!

Earlier this evening I was in a helluva mood. Without SO, my company is limited to two furry pooches. While they are such well behaved but entertaining animals, I seriously miss my man. I've got no one else in this nasty ass place. And I put major emphasis on the NASTY ASS. But OH WELL. I still barely see a glimmer of hope for escaping the burbs. Not that the burbs are a bad place to be in all, but this one is especially awful. Sunday I was harassed by a bunch of Spooks. They were young, obviously poor, and looking for trouble. Then they see this young white girl walking her two pretty dogs as an easy target. I walked as fast as I could away towards the nearest sane, AKA safe looking person. It was over as soon as it started. Otherwise my pups and I had a nice 3 miles walk. I LOVE taking that walk regardless the scary people and dangerous dogs.

Oh yea. Haven't regaled the dog story yet. Well a few weeks ago I drug Mr Man out for a walk. On our last quarterish mile, whilst he was huffing and puffing I noticed a HUGE Pit looking dog staring us down from inside a screen door. Just as I imagined it would happen that damn dog jumped up on the door handle and let himself out. He wasn't a nice dog. Harley as his 90 freakin year old owners affectionately called him snarled and snapped at our entirely too friendly female dogs. Either Harley doesn't like females or just plain doesn't get along with other dogs, I had no intentions of finding out. Mr Man was near giving me a heart attack trying to befriend this roided out beast. His face was within a foot of the gaping jaws! We patiently waited while his owners shuffled out. Harley nearly knocked the fragile woman over! When they eventually did grad him, the pronged collar was inside out. I bit my tongue. The point of a prong collar is useless in that fashion!

Ugh. I honestly don't give a rats ass if you are 90 or 9, some dogs AREN'T meant for the general population. Who in their right minds would sell such a dog, even as a puppy, to an old and obviously weak couple? The dog is almost dangerously unsocialized. Unfortunately I can't see Harley's life ending well a this point. Either the owner will die or he hurts someone. A dog like that needs work. When there a millions of good, work free dogs out there, he will fall short of making it into the non-kill shelter.

Sorry Charlie. Harley.

You've gotta shape up or ship out.

But for now, I think I'll ship out. I'm tired. So tired in fact I'm to damn lazy to proof this baby.


I've now just realized this is nothing different then an old blog post. FML.

Tired Girl.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Is that how you describe the smell of spring foliage after a steady shower? Or is it musty? I don't know. It smells wonderful though. The sound of the soft rain is just as marvelous. It's my own private symphony. Minus the snarling dogs. Needle Nose and Little Bitch are busy chewing on each other again. So when I absent mindly reach down to pet one of my annoying canine's I receive a hand full of smelly slobber instead of a silky coat. Silky slobber. Bleck.

Needle Nose and I had another great walk today. Even when two dogs burst out of their yard and charged us. While I was spazzing a bit, she was a-ok. She's such a friendly, happy go lucky animal. There were a few young boys walking around and she was absolutely thrilled to see kids. I bet she belonged to a family with children. Too bad she ran away. Or maybe they dumped her. I don't know, but I sure do feel bad for whoever is missing her. It's nice to call her mine though. My sweet autistic Collie lol. Little Bitch is jealous as hell over her. It's next to impossible to pet one without touching the other. While I do love my Trixie, the excessing licking drives me batshit! The middle of the night lick fest is the worst. I swear I can hear her doing it from the other side of the house. If I wasn't home alone I'd sleep with my doors shut. Alas I'll deal with a pillow over the head. That usually works. I fell asleep like that last night. The click clack of nails on hardwood was barely heard.

I must get into bed earlier tonight. When alone in this house, I have the hardest time making myself get into bed. I was tired but I wasn't. I'd rather stare at the TV till the couch sucks me into sleep. Oh and it did. I kept waking myself up to get in the shower, fold clothes, do something. Eventually I succeeded in bathing myself, but that's about it. Actually at this very moment I'm feeling that sucking action the couch uses to lull me into a stupor. Must... fight... i.. t...

Blogging about my unimportant life is a much needed excuse to not pry my ever growing ass from the couch. Right now with my TV off and windows open, I can hear my neighbor chatting on the phone. Her voice carries as much as mine does. I cringe at how loud I yell at Needle Nose on occasion. That damn dog is just too yappy! It was the airplanes today. They torment her. For once I didn't hear a what I constitute as BarkORama. It's when Beau the fat black lab with a broken voice goes at it with the Boxer. Then my two morons join in. Lets not forget Bam Bam the barky as fuck Pitbull. I swear you can hear what's going on for miles. The dogless neighbors must want to shoot themselves. I know I want to strangle them! Nothing is more annoying then a dog that won't stop. The Collie will shut up. I've got proof. It will be an amazing day when we move, preferably somewhere quiet and country. The dogs will be clueless as to what deserves a good barking. I can't wait for that day! Everyone needs to quite teasing me with houses that they found, saw, or looked at. My jealousy is at an all time high!

SO deserves a new place. He's been through enough. I'll do what I can to make this one better though. Hopefully it won't take forever to sell this dump. I'd die of shock if we got it sold within 6 months. Keel over and die! I know property is moving, abliet slowly. There is this silly train of though that runs through my mind each and every morning during my commute to work. I think about what I'd do if I won the lottery, preferably more then $100,000,000. First thing I'd do would be to pay off SO car, our house, and my car. I'd close his open credit accounts and get him out of debt. Next would be to put a new roof and patio the backyard. Then I'd hire someone to tile the kitchen/back room floor and put this fucker on the market! That's it. While it's empty and waiting to sell, we'd be having a ball house hunting, picking and choosing. I require a HUGE and I mean GINORMOUS backyard. Fenced for the dogs. A country setting would be ideal. The house would have 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, three stories with a walkout finished basement. The kitchen would be stainless steel and incredible. Has to have an open floor plan. Otherwise entertaining guests would be difficult. I need coffered ceilings and/or vaulted. Aside from bedrooms there needs to be an office and secluded living room of sorts. My neighbors in Manteno had one. I love the floor plan of their house. SO would have his very own garage and above it a studio. I absolutely require a private space for him to think and create. If the property is big enough, I may one day add a horse or two. Though I think raising children would be my first priority. Lets hope that doesn't happen for 5 more years ok? Thanks.

I can't remember why I started writing this blog now. Originally I was upset over the fact that SO has to spend yet another birthday alone and miserable. How fucking awful. Gosh I'd love to fuck up some faces at his HQ's. Heartless bastards. You work that man to death enough. Anywho, I realize I have no point to blogging other then it's a journal of sorts. Any random though may pop up and be published. Unlike SO's blog which is full of angst and hate. It has purpose. Almost too much. Maybe I'm just to whimsical to appreciate the utter negativity I encounter over yonder. I can only deal with so much. It's not only unhealthy but breaks my heart knowing his thoughts congregate around such things. Can't he ever write about something other then our failing, floundering society? Doubtful. I can't hold a candle to what he writes though. There's no room for me to talk.

Damn. About a thousand different tangents and I again fail at saying what I meant too. I've officially given myself a headache.
I quit.

Tired Girl.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I love wet, shiny, black noses. Especially when they snuffle you. Even more so when you're dozing on a glorious spring afternoon outside. Nothing was wrong, there was no barking, it was a just a very tender reminder of how much that certain moist schnoz loves you. Puppy love is a beautiful thing. Normally I'd be peeved being woke up, but nope, not today.

Waking up early on the weekend seems to let the day drag on. Not that I want it to end, just be later in the evening. It was a lovely one last night. I certainly wouldn't mind a repeat! SO is so happy right now. I love seeing that big goofy smile. And he was singing last night! Oh how I missed that! He has such a great voice and doesn't even know it. If only he'd practice more and get a little confidence in himself... I know it's in there somewhere. I oughta start secretly invited his old buddies out. There is a whole nuther man in my bed. Or maybe it's just cuz he's darn jolly. Right now him and his buddy are downtown. Hope they are having a good time! I'm glad the weather is holding.

Speaking of weather and spring, our front yard is covered in the absolute cutest little violets. They are the most brilliant shade of purple. Ok duh, they are violets, but these little buggers are even more vibrant then what I've seen in the past. I would love to paint a room those colors one day. With a white, coffered ceiling and chair rail. Rustic hardwood of any type, as long as it has the Old World feel. I most definitely have to have either French Doors or some tall, wide windows. I'm obsessed with natural light. Oh and with natural light another must is sheers. I LOVE sheers. There is an sensual quality to billowing sheers. Seriously. Wouldn't we be lovely creatures if we could dance on the breeze as sheers do? Guess I'm going a little to far with my unusual fascination with sheers haha. That room also needs green. Green as in plant form. Not sure what, but I have an idea. The furniture has to be beachy wood. Teak with cushions printed with a coral colored pattern. There will be book shelves on the walls, full of old books and trinkets. I'm also imaging a window seat in between the selves looking out into a garden. A garden with redbud trees, oaks, willows, and magnolia's. Lavender bushes and mint would creep below that window. I would smell and hear nothing but life from my garden. Now that would be a fine place to spend an afternoon.

Of course I'll likely never have that room, let alone a violet one. Nor a window that looks only into a garden and not someone's backyard. There are a lot of things I'll never have, but I'm ok with it. The things I want a simple want. Nothing ostentatious or overrated. Is a home you aren't afraid to be alone in to much to ask for? How bout a neighborhood where disgusting men don't cat call you through the windows? I don't think so. Maybe a place where friends can be made. Well friends that you can relate too at least. Oh well. I'll deal. I always do.

It's storming now. My lovely spring day has ended.

Tired Girl.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bitch bitch bitch

Ron is bitching I haven't updated.




Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bear it.

I want to be like a bear and hibernate all winter. Wouldn't that be sweet? I'd wake up for Christmas and my birthday. Otherwise don't bug me. Then again I'd be going without food, water, or sex for um... a long freakin time! The food and water thing I can deal with. Sex? Hell, gotta have that.

Speaking of that, I think mama bears give birth while hibernating. Absolutely amazing! I'd be all over that. Though that is a bad thing for humans. Child birth should hurt like HELL. Otherwise we'd be completely overrun by Niglet's and Spics, not to mention trailer trash.

Again, while on THAT subject, there was a kid walking to school today in a hoodie. The current temp at the time was ZERO. He had no gloves, hat, jacket, or snow boots. Just a hoodie and jeans. What the FUCK? I'd love to the beat the shit out of his mother for letting that kid go dangerously unprepared to school! He also had no backpack. Raising right that lady is. Damn. Can that be considered child abuse? At least child endangerment. Please Flying Spaghetti Monster give me strength not to terrorize and kill stupid people more then I do now. Minus the killing.

I can't go anywhere right now. My head is going to explode. I DON'T WANT TO BE HOME. When home stops feeling like home that means it's time to move on/out. Unfortunately I can neither afford to live alone nor buy furniture for 5 more months. I might just drive on the nearest cliff. That might be an issue with the roads the way they are. I knew I'd regret selling my truck for a compact car. Everyone told me I would and wow, for once I agree! It's the thought of 30mpg that keeps me going. Well I could total the thing if worse comes to worse. I don't think insurance companies fall for the "oh I don't like my car anymore" excuse. Thank goodness I have decent health insurance if that day should ever come.

The sound of snowmobiles wizzing by kinda sounds like a cat being run over. Maybe those are really shitty snowmobiles? Anywho I'm jealous and would love to drive one on the monster drifts there are today. Almost like jet ski's, but better! That would be a sweet birthday gift. One day I'm going to talk that crabass cousin of mine into letting me ride one of his. He has plenty of them.

Alright. I'm off to go be cold and lonely some more.

Tired Girl.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ode to January

I love you January. Your cold. Your absolute bitter cold. The snow. The ice. Everything.

You complete me!

Once Christmas is over, I magically transform back into a happy human being. I had nothing to be unhappy about. At all. I'm just one finicky gal.

Happy Hump Day folks. Now Friday can't get here soon enough...

Tired Girl.