Saturday, April 25, 2009


I love wet, shiny, black noses. Especially when they snuffle you. Even more so when you're dozing on a glorious spring afternoon outside. Nothing was wrong, there was no barking, it was a just a very tender reminder of how much that certain moist schnoz loves you. Puppy love is a beautiful thing. Normally I'd be peeved being woke up, but nope, not today.

Waking up early on the weekend seems to let the day drag on. Not that I want it to end, just be later in the evening. It was a lovely one last night. I certainly wouldn't mind a repeat! SO is so happy right now. I love seeing that big goofy smile. And he was singing last night! Oh how I missed that! He has such a great voice and doesn't even know it. If only he'd practice more and get a little confidence in himself... I know it's in there somewhere. I oughta start secretly invited his old buddies out. There is a whole nuther man in my bed. Or maybe it's just cuz he's darn jolly. Right now him and his buddy are downtown. Hope they are having a good time! I'm glad the weather is holding.

Speaking of weather and spring, our front yard is covered in the absolute cutest little violets. They are the most brilliant shade of purple. Ok duh, they are violets, but these little buggers are even more vibrant then what I've seen in the past. I would love to paint a room those colors one day. With a white, coffered ceiling and chair rail. Rustic hardwood of any type, as long as it has the Old World feel. I most definitely have to have either French Doors or some tall, wide windows. I'm obsessed with natural light. Oh and with natural light another must is sheers. I LOVE sheers. There is an sensual quality to billowing sheers. Seriously. Wouldn't we be lovely creatures if we could dance on the breeze as sheers do? Guess I'm going a little to far with my unusual fascination with sheers haha. That room also needs green. Green as in plant form. Not sure what, but I have an idea. The furniture has to be beachy wood. Teak with cushions printed with a coral colored pattern. There will be book shelves on the walls, full of old books and trinkets. I'm also imaging a window seat in between the selves looking out into a garden. A garden with redbud trees, oaks, willows, and magnolia's. Lavender bushes and mint would creep below that window. I would smell and hear nothing but life from my garden. Now that would be a fine place to spend an afternoon.

Of course I'll likely never have that room, let alone a violet one. Nor a window that looks only into a garden and not someone's backyard. There are a lot of things I'll never have, but I'm ok with it. The things I want a simple want. Nothing ostentatious or overrated. Is a home you aren't afraid to be alone in to much to ask for? How bout a neighborhood where disgusting men don't cat call you through the windows? I don't think so. Maybe a place where friends can be made. Well friends that you can relate too at least. Oh well. I'll deal. I always do.

It's storming now. My lovely spring day has ended.

Tired Girl.