Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Is that how you describe the smell of spring foliage after a steady shower? Or is it musty? I don't know. It smells wonderful though. The sound of the soft rain is just as marvelous. It's my own private symphony. Minus the snarling dogs. Needle Nose and Little Bitch are busy chewing on each other again. So when I absent mindly reach down to pet one of my annoying canine's I receive a hand full of smelly slobber instead of a silky coat. Silky slobber. Bleck.

Needle Nose and I had another great walk today. Even when two dogs burst out of their yard and charged us. While I was spazzing a bit, she was a-ok. She's such a friendly, happy go lucky animal. There were a few young boys walking around and she was absolutely thrilled to see kids. I bet she belonged to a family with children. Too bad she ran away. Or maybe they dumped her. I don't know, but I sure do feel bad for whoever is missing her. It's nice to call her mine though. My sweet autistic Collie lol. Little Bitch is jealous as hell over her. It's next to impossible to pet one without touching the other. While I do love my Trixie, the excessing licking drives me batshit! The middle of the night lick fest is the worst. I swear I can hear her doing it from the other side of the house. If I wasn't home alone I'd sleep with my doors shut. Alas I'll deal with a pillow over the head. That usually works. I fell asleep like that last night. The click clack of nails on hardwood was barely heard.

I must get into bed earlier tonight. When alone in this house, I have the hardest time making myself get into bed. I was tired but I wasn't. I'd rather stare at the TV till the couch sucks me into sleep. Oh and it did. I kept waking myself up to get in the shower, fold clothes, do something. Eventually I succeeded in bathing myself, but that's about it. Actually at this very moment I'm feeling that sucking action the couch uses to lull me into a stupor. Must... fight... i.. t...

Blogging about my unimportant life is a much needed excuse to not pry my ever growing ass from the couch. Right now with my TV off and windows open, I can hear my neighbor chatting on the phone. Her voice carries as much as mine does. I cringe at how loud I yell at Needle Nose on occasion. That damn dog is just too yappy! It was the airplanes today. They torment her. For once I didn't hear a what I constitute as BarkORama. It's when Beau the fat black lab with a broken voice goes at it with the Boxer. Then my two morons join in. Lets not forget Bam Bam the barky as fuck Pitbull. I swear you can hear what's going on for miles. The dogless neighbors must want to shoot themselves. I know I want to strangle them! Nothing is more annoying then a dog that won't stop. The Collie will shut up. I've got proof. It will be an amazing day when we move, preferably somewhere quiet and country. The dogs will be clueless as to what deserves a good barking. I can't wait for that day! Everyone needs to quite teasing me with houses that they found, saw, or looked at. My jealousy is at an all time high!

SO deserves a new place. He's been through enough. I'll do what I can to make this one better though. Hopefully it won't take forever to sell this dump. I'd die of shock if we got it sold within 6 months. Keel over and die! I know property is moving, abliet slowly. There is this silly train of though that runs through my mind each and every morning during my commute to work. I think about what I'd do if I won the lottery, preferably more then $100,000,000. First thing I'd do would be to pay off SO car, our house, and my car. I'd close his open credit accounts and get him out of debt. Next would be to put a new roof and patio the backyard. Then I'd hire someone to tile the kitchen/back room floor and put this fucker on the market! That's it. While it's empty and waiting to sell, we'd be having a ball house hunting, picking and choosing. I require a HUGE and I mean GINORMOUS backyard. Fenced for the dogs. A country setting would be ideal. The house would have 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, three stories with a walkout finished basement. The kitchen would be stainless steel and incredible. Has to have an open floor plan. Otherwise entertaining guests would be difficult. I need coffered ceilings and/or vaulted. Aside from bedrooms there needs to be an office and secluded living room of sorts. My neighbors in Manteno had one. I love the floor plan of their house. SO would have his very own garage and above it a studio. I absolutely require a private space for him to think and create. If the property is big enough, I may one day add a horse or two. Though I think raising children would be my first priority. Lets hope that doesn't happen for 5 more years ok? Thanks.

I can't remember why I started writing this blog now. Originally I was upset over the fact that SO has to spend yet another birthday alone and miserable. How fucking awful. Gosh I'd love to fuck up some faces at his HQ's. Heartless bastards. You work that man to death enough. Anywho, I realize I have no point to blogging other then it's a journal of sorts. Any random though may pop up and be published. Unlike SO's blog which is full of angst and hate. It has purpose. Almost too much. Maybe I'm just to whimsical to appreciate the utter negativity I encounter over yonder. I can only deal with so much. It's not only unhealthy but breaks my heart knowing his thoughts congregate around such things. Can't he ever write about something other then our failing, floundering society? Doubtful. I can't hold a candle to what he writes though. There's no room for me to talk.

Damn. About a thousand different tangents and I again fail at saying what I meant too. I've officially given myself a headache.
I quit.

Tired Girl.