Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Carrot Juice: My Coffee

It's not quite coffee, but it does perk me up. Especially since I hate coffee. Do love my tea though. Lately I've been concerned about stains on my teeth, so I've backed off the tea.

I bought a Breville a few weeks ago. It kicks major vegetable ass. I've really come to love my weird concoctions. This morning was 6 big carrots, two oranges, 4 celery, and the center of a pineapple (the hard part). It's fantastic. I can't stomach green juices yet. The craziest I get is beet and ginger. That shit will F your insides up though haha. As much as I love beets, red poo kinda freaks me out. My blog isn't G rated. I won't hold back. Beware!

Since it's a new year and I put on TWO POUNDS over the holiday's after losing 30, I need to be back on track. Blogging should help.

I'm no where near as interesting as many of the Bloggers I read about.


I work, gym, home, DONE. Boring!

I didn't go to college, trade school, nada, zilch. All I got is a worthless HS diploma.

My is blah. I'm a desk jockey who stares at two screens for 8 hours straight. It pays the bills and offers benefits. Oh well.

I have no friends. Isn't that pathetic? The few I cared about moved away. Otherwise I refuse to surround myself with the incredibly immature folks I went to school with. I don't identify with the "in crowd". You know the one that parties constantly, blows cash on stupid shit, still lives with Mommy and Daddy, and whines about how tough life is. I hate people like. Hate is strong, but perfectly fitting!

No hobbies. At least no hobbies anymore. I had horses for 10 years. They were my life. I'm still pretty lost without them. Honestly nothing else holds my attention quite like those animals do. Which leads me to say I'm a big animal person. I get along better with critters then I do people. My dogs are a lifesaver. I'd be absolutely alone without them! Plus they are way entertaining!

I live in the Flat Lands of Hades aka ILLINOIS. Better yet, my current residence is in the ghetto of the Chicago southland. The pimps and dealers are fun as heck to watch out the front window. To complete the picture one of my dogs if a Pitbull. Now I just need to wear my pants about 8 inches too low and buy grilz. Or whatever. Being alone so often in my house is a bit unnerving. That's why I have a big tough Pitty. She's my sweetie till someone is prowling around outside. Then my girl does a whole 180 and goes on watch. It's comforting knowing someone has my back. I lock the door when I shower and I never sleep without my phone within reaching distance. Paranoid much? Better safe then sorry!

Idk what else to put. I'll come by later!