Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bear it.

I want to be like a bear and hibernate all winter. Wouldn't that be sweet? I'd wake up for Christmas and my birthday. Otherwise don't bug me. Then again I'd be going without food, water, or sex for um... a long freakin time! The food and water thing I can deal with. Sex? Hell, gotta have that.

Speaking of that, I think mama bears give birth while hibernating. Absolutely amazing! I'd be all over that. Though that is a bad thing for humans. Child birth should hurt like HELL. Otherwise we'd be completely overrun by Niglet's and Spics, not to mention trailer trash.

Again, while on THAT subject, there was a kid walking to school today in a hoodie. The current temp at the time was ZERO. He had no gloves, hat, jacket, or snow boots. Just a hoodie and jeans. What the FUCK? I'd love to the beat the shit out of his mother for letting that kid go dangerously unprepared to school! He also had no backpack. Raising right that lady is. Damn. Can that be considered child abuse? At least child endangerment. Please Flying Spaghetti Monster give me strength not to terrorize and kill stupid people more then I do now. Minus the killing.

I can't go anywhere right now. My head is going to explode. I DON'T WANT TO BE HOME. When home stops feeling like home that means it's time to move on/out. Unfortunately I can neither afford to live alone nor buy furniture for 5 more months. I might just drive on the nearest cliff. That might be an issue with the roads the way they are. I knew I'd regret selling my truck for a compact car. Everyone told me I would and wow, for once I agree! It's the thought of 30mpg that keeps me going. Well I could total the thing if worse comes to worse. I don't think insurance companies fall for the "oh I don't like my car anymore" excuse. Thank goodness I have decent health insurance if that day should ever come.

The sound of snowmobiles wizzing by kinda sounds like a cat being run over. Maybe those are really shitty snowmobiles? Anywho I'm jealous and would love to drive one on the monster drifts there are today. Almost like jet ski's, but better! That would be a sweet birthday gift. One day I'm going to talk that crabass cousin of mine into letting me ride one of his. He has plenty of them.

Alright. I'm off to go be cold and lonely some more.

Tired Girl.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ode to January

I love you January. Your cold. Your absolute bitter cold. The snow. The ice. Everything.

You complete me!

Once Christmas is over, I magically transform back into a happy human being. I had nothing to be unhappy about. At all. I'm just one finicky gal.

Happy Hump Day folks. Now Friday can't get here soon enough...

Tired Girl.