Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alas, my dear Blog, I'm home!

I don't know why I choose to ignore you quite so often. I'm sorry for shunning you like a redheaded stepchild. I was (err am) convinced you possibly bring me bad luck. Which is why I'll change up my format.

Instead of blogging about my boring as shit life, how about how I'm attempting to change it?


Starting reading health blogs!

Because of those blogs I have accomplished the following:

-Lost 10 lbs.
-Found motivation to visit the gym at least three days a week.
-I started seeing a personal Pilates instructor in June!
-Am now eating amazingly satisfying food, but they're all incredibly healthy!
-My skin has cleared up because of my improved diet.
-Last but not least, I'm happier!

I know what I want out of life. I've got the tools and motivation to get it too. Currently I have a goal to lose another 10 lbs. If it doesn't happen by October, oh well. As long as I maintain my current loss and keep attempting to get off this plateau, I'm good!

Earlier this evening I was in a helluva mood. Without SO, my company is limited to two furry pooches. While they are such well behaved but entertaining animals, I seriously miss my man. I've got no one else in this nasty ass place. And I put major emphasis on the NASTY ASS. But OH WELL. I still barely see a glimmer of hope for escaping the burbs. Not that the burbs are a bad place to be in all, but this one is especially awful. Sunday I was harassed by a bunch of Spooks. They were young, obviously poor, and looking for trouble. Then they see this young white girl walking her two pretty dogs as an easy target. I walked as fast as I could away towards the nearest sane, AKA safe looking person. It was over as soon as it started. Otherwise my pups and I had a nice 3 miles walk. I LOVE taking that walk regardless the scary people and dangerous dogs.

Oh yea. Haven't regaled the dog story yet. Well a few weeks ago I drug Mr Man out for a walk. On our last quarterish mile, whilst he was huffing and puffing I noticed a HUGE Pit looking dog staring us down from inside a screen door. Just as I imagined it would happen that damn dog jumped up on the door handle and let himself out. He wasn't a nice dog. Harley as his 90 freakin year old owners affectionately called him snarled and snapped at our entirely too friendly female dogs. Either Harley doesn't like females or just plain doesn't get along with other dogs, I had no intentions of finding out. Mr Man was near giving me a heart attack trying to befriend this roided out beast. His face was within a foot of the gaping jaws! We patiently waited while his owners shuffled out. Harley nearly knocked the fragile woman over! When they eventually did grad him, the pronged collar was inside out. I bit my tongue. The point of a prong collar is useless in that fashion!

Ugh. I honestly don't give a rats ass if you are 90 or 9, some dogs AREN'T meant for the general population. Who in their right minds would sell such a dog, even as a puppy, to an old and obviously weak couple? The dog is almost dangerously unsocialized. Unfortunately I can't see Harley's life ending well a this point. Either the owner will die or he hurts someone. A dog like that needs work. When there a millions of good, work free dogs out there, he will fall short of making it into the non-kill shelter.

Sorry Charlie. Harley.

You've gotta shape up or ship out.

But for now, I think I'll ship out. I'm tired. So tired in fact I'm to damn lazy to proof this baby.


I've now just realized this is nothing different then an old blog post. FML.

Tired Girl.