Friday, February 12, 2010

Been a BAD Gal

I'm not one that likes to complain out loud. I bitch and whine in my head and on here.

Last night though was another story.

SO I have this new insurance company. The medication I take is expensive and on my former plan, very affordable. I never had to pay a deductible. The new plan requires one. No biggie. I obliged and forked over $70 the first time (last month). Last night at the pharmacy window I pulled up happy as a clam then left hastily in tears. Apparently I have to pay it twice! I didn't budget for this! I pulled into the closest parking lot and called my new insurance provider and proceeded to CHEW the dude out. I'm one that writes down names of who I talk to and have no problem ratting a person out when it effects my income. The man I talked to got a name and date of the woman I talked to who said I only paid the deductible at one time/place.

Now I feel guilty. Hope I didn't get anyone fired.

Later that evening I met up with Mr Man for a little grocery shopping. I was still in my mental breakdown phase and wasn't quite ready for the onslaught of people at the store. Walked from one end to the next of the massive store till I found him. At that point I was in tears. We did our shopping and exited to the car where I completely lost it. I was being incredibly self destructive and looking for blood. Somehow smoking came up (he quit) and I found out he smoked twice yesterday.

Now to me, if you quit, you quit. There is NO GREY AREA. His mother's side of the family are all heavy smokers. When we visit all 6 will be smoking at once in a small living room! I called it "trashy". Mr Man was incredibly offended. I'm sorry Mr Man, but that behavior is disgustingly trashy. Can't you see how that would be in my eyes? Anyways, I get sick as hell when we visit. Summertime ain't so bad. Winter? Awful.

Eventually we made up. I was wrong for insulting his family and losing my shit on a customer service rep.

That was my BAD Gal day. I feel lighter. My head is clear and there are no signs BAD Gal is going to resurface anytime soon.

I'm allowed one of those every so often right?

Tired Girl.

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