Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Sleepy Saga begins...

Today, I accepted the fact that I'm eternally tired. I could close my heavy eyes at 9pm and wake up 24 hours later still unquenched. I'm caught in a drought. When will it rain?

Which leads to this blog. It's my very own pity-party and everyone is invited. Well it won't always be, but I do like to indulge when the melancholy mood strikes. Maybe it's the winter wasteland that bores me to tears or the near subzero temps? Currently the endless white wet stuff burns my eyes. I used to love snow. Someone should have told me growing up takes away all those pleasures we enjoyed as kids. Then I wouldn't have gone so fast. Ah, oh well. Back to the blog and its basis.

I'm bored. Simple as that. I wake up at 7am next to no one, see maybe 4 people while working, and come back home to eat alone and am in bed by 10pm, again alone. A 20 something year old woman such as myself should not be so isolated, but I am.

Hah. At least I can laugh at myself.

Tired Girl

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