Monday, February 18, 2008

Winter END

Why won't this winter just give up? It can't make up it's freaking mind. One day it's 50 out, around 30 at night. I can deal with that. BUT not with a 40 degree drop in temp within a day. The poor outside horses. They are already blowing their coats. Good thing I dug out all the blankets a few weeks ago.

Besides hating winter, one poor outside mare, Anna, ripped up her leg somehow last night. She is always one of the first horses ready at the gate when I call for breakfast. When I noticed she wasn't up to eat, I went out and found her standing alone. She wouldn't come when I called, so I walked out further and made he come in. Something was wrong with her right hind. Anna was walking all wonkey in the rear and tried her best not to bear to much weight. I brought her in the heated barn, cleaned off her legs, and found heat and swelling in the fetlock joint. Knowing that she had a career ending injury on that leg (she was a jumper), I called the vet. Doc Dawn thought it was her past injury bothering her until she looked under the blanket, which I failed to do. Anna ripped a chunk out of her stifle area in an unstitchable spot. It had flesh hanging and looked rather nasty. No wonder the poor girl didn't want to walk. So she is on 20cc of penicillin for the next 5 days along with 2 grams of bute till both tubes are used up. Doc will be back in 11 days to do pre-foal vaccinations so she will check on Anna then. The mare definitely pulled something in the leg. Hopefully she didn't damage anything else.

I really like this old mare. She is just the sweetest thing, even if she is quite snarky. Like I low how she opens the gate and walks herself to her stall. Ok, not really, but it's funny. She uses her pretty nose and swings the gate just enough to squeeze through. Usually she does this if I don't bring her in quick enough. I think Anna fails to realize their are 11 other mares just dying to eat.

As much as I hate this job, I sure do love it. If that makes any sense! Alrighty, back to Star Trek!

Tired Girl.

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