Tuesday, February 5, 2008


That bastard of a groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter. He isn't lying either except it's RAIN. It can't possibly get any muddier on the farm. I can't turn horses out in this mess because with my shitty luck, someone will get hurt. Better yet, a boarder will throw a tantrum over Pooky being covered in mud. Whatever you fucking wack jobs.

If it was my barn, I'd have MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY signs posted every where. Or MY BARN, MY RULES, OR ELSE signs. I like that second one. But alas, it isn't, though I have made my rules clear to most the boarders. I always knew horse people were crazy (IE: Wake up at 3am to ride at 4am to show at 6am in front a judge only to tell you your horse sucks), so what was I expecting? At least a little respect. I bust my butt to keep their horses happy and healthy and all I ask is in return is a check and a little gratitude. Not only did I take this job to help someone out, but over a better one in another state. My dream of finally moving out of the Flat Lands of Hades was halted once again because I'm a pushover. *headdesk*

I think I'd rather have that foot of snow Northern Illinois will get. At least it will be pretty. Ankle deep mud and knee deep snow are just about the same to walk in. Either way it's no skin off my back.

By the way I do realize I bitch a lot. It's just about the only thing I can do in situations like this. I'm quite the trooper sitting back and taking it, but I'm only human and HAVE to vent somewhere.

Tired Girl

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