Friday, February 8, 2008

Sniffle and Hack

Starting Wednesday I felt funny, like pre-flu funny. So I went to bed early (aka 9pm) and proceeded to have an awful nightmare. I say about 3ish I finally got up, covered in sweat, and threw up for a while. Then went back and attempted to sleep. Nope, not happening. I went down stairs, took my temp and had a 103.6. Whew! No wonder I was losing it. A cold shower helped a bit along with some Motrin. At 7am I called my backup barn help and paid her double to cover for me on such short notice. Luckily I had the next three days off, so my fever came at a near perfect time. Now I'm suffering from the sniffles, an ever so annoying ear ache, and the typical nasties.

Besides this lovely sickness, I've discovered a passion for Stargate Atlantis and SG1. It's always been known I'm a bit of a dork but now it's official! I love both shows and am especially raptured by this one character Ronan Dex. Wowzer's is he a hottie.

Oh and at the Doc's today it appears not eating since Wednesday has caused a 7 pound drop in weight. Yay! I'm so only eating once a day from now on.

Tired Girl

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