Thursday, April 3, 2008


What a splendid day. Just glorious. Or maybe it's one of those highs I get before a major crash. I don't know and hope it's not what I suspect.

Since my time as a barn manager is nearly up, I've kinda been on a job hunt. Well something fell into my lap. One of my boarder's owns an insurance company. He pretty much offered me a job yesterday. So I interviewed with his 2nd in command. She hired me. I start May 5th! Now I know nothing of insurance, but am totally willing to learn. All I need to do is study up, take a couple classes, then pass a licensing exam. I sure hope I do well. Testing has never been my thing.

This new job could be my niche. I could be good. Really good. Or be a complete failure like I so easily can be.

Tired Girl.

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