Sunday, April 27, 2008


I am cursed. Or at least this farm is.

Yesterday morning went off with no hitch until I put Chewy and Buddy out in the back, which is right next to the mare's field. That is when I noticed a horse laying down, away from the herd. Immediately that cold, dread feeling gripped me. Since it was a very dark horse, I called out a few names. "I THINK SO?" and I saw her poke her head up from the crowd about an acre away. "RAVELLI GIRL?" and she looked at me too. "ANNA?" No head popped up. No movement from the downed horse. Anna had past away sometime Friday night. There were no lightning marks on her, or any outward sign of what caused her death. I'm assuming it was a stroke or heart attack. She was in the middle 20s and that sort of death isn't uncommon, though she was perfectly healthy all Friday. Poor Anna. I liked that mare so much. She was the Selle Francais that was imported as a youngster. Her owned showed her in the hunters till she blew out her suspensory. I guess she was quite the fancy winner back in the day.

After a few tears and a final pat, I dug up a tarp and wrapped her up so the other horses would leave her be. I was also a bit nervous about the coyotes bothering her body since the renderer is notorious for being at least 24 hours out. RIP Anastasia.

Since I still had to feed the outside mare's, I did, but Anna decided to die near the gate and everyone was scared of her body. Well I drug all but Precious in. She was to busy being a nutty 2y/o. The damn filly finally came up as I was putting the rest of the girls out. I put her in a stall, gave her grain, and walked away. 10 minutes later I get a phone call from the hired help saying Precious went over the fence and is bleeding. Fanfreakingtastic. I get out to the field where she is running madly, though completely lame. I was more concerned about her limping then the blood. AN HOUR later I caught the bitch, cleaned her up, and attempted to sedate her, until she knocked the needle into my arm (which hurt like hell). In my fury I stabbed the needle in her neck, let her freak out, and plunged in the Ace. She was nice and loopy after that. I couldn't get a hold of my vet, so I did my best doctoring and will just keep it clean till Monday, when he will be out.

Isn't it a nice way to live out my last two days at the barn? NOT. I just don't get it. My luck with the damn critters that is.

Gah. And with all the excitement, I didn't go talk to Cookie's real owners. Fuck. Another thing I deal with tomorrow.

Tired Girl.

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