Sunday, April 6, 2008


I woke up to a ladybug crawling into my nose. No joke. Actually I think it was a manbug since it was yellow and stinky. That might have been an indication it wasn't going to be a good day. Usually on Sunday's I sleep in a bit since I don't have to beat the stall cleaner out to the barn. That fucking bug disturbed me to the point I got up 2 hours earlier. So I settled in on the couch with my new favorite concoction of oj and cranberry juice with a side of buttered wheat toast. Don't knock the blend till you try it. I love them together. After checking all my websites and snoozing, I went down to feed. Thing went quick today. Most everyone was good except for a select few mares that didn't want to eat this morning. Weirdos.

Then I came in because being outside depresses me. Yes I know I'm crazy not to enjoy the 65 degree, sunny Sunday, but I'm not. I live on a horse farm without a horse of my own to love on and ride. What the fuck. Yesterday I could have almost cried. It brought back memories of my beloved Haley who died 6 years ago in November. She is the one horse I would have kept forever. Even my parents, as non-horsey as they are, adored Haley. They would have footed her bills for as long as she lived. I wanted my kids to learn to ride on that mare. Damnit. She was a once in a lifetime horse I'll never get back. Honestly I haven't rode a horse I loved and trusted as much as Haley. Tommy was a good boy and nice ride, but he couldn't stay sound. He was too skittish for my parents and friends to be around too. Though if I had the chance to get him back, I would. Maybe he's mature into a Steady Eddy.

And that leads me here, on the couch, with no windows open (albeit heat off), alone writing this. I've sufficiently stuffed myself by munching on dry Special K, a bar of Godiva milk chocolate, leftover Chicken Almond Ding for lunch, about 20 Hershey Kisses, and 6 bottles of water. I think that's all I've had. For some reason all I want is chocolate. For the first time ever all I've got is relatively healthy food. I broke into the barn candy dish stock for chocolate and the Godiva bar is quite a few years old. Whoops. I'll just be fat for the rest of my life.

I was doing so well on the veggie diet. Looks like I'll need to start that again on Monday. Which reminds me I need to get more vitamins.

ETA: Ugh. Editing out more sap shit.

Tired Girl.

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